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PF20.6 Response Pad

PF20.6 Response Pad

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The new PF20.6 Pad was developed to allow for a snappier bind compared to conventional 19mm pads. We developed and tested two versions of this pad - a "Matte White" pad and a clear "Glass" pad.

Glass Clear is made from a very grippy silicone that feels more aggressive. These pads use a custom adhesive that is transparent enough to show our Polyform engraving underneath creating a unique brand aesthetic. These aim to replicate the feeling of poured flowable silicone.

Matte White is made from a more durable silicone that is less grippy and has a longer life. These pads generally feel better paired with fat type strings or those who have very dense trick elements involving multiple wraps around the bearing.

Each order is for 6 pads. 

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