Our team dynamic is what makes all this possible. We are friends first - creating a space where ideas are cultivated from mutual interests such as fashion, music, and culture. A core belief that creativity thrives when everyone has the same vision is important to developing the best products in the industry. Here is a closer look at the talent behind the brand and their unique story.

JEFFREY PANG (彭家康) - Owner/Operator

In 2005 Jeffrey started yoyoing after coming across a Japan Nationals yoyo video. The interest in yoyo design started when he got a Taig mini lathe and started machining yoyos for people on the Yoyonation and Theyo forums. This obsession for industrial design and machining lead to projects such as Fluid Print Dynamics, Luftverk and SKYVA. In early 2022 while attending a local Toronto yoyo meet he met players that desired to push yoyoing to a new level. This was the start of Polyform.

JACKY LE - Sponsored Player

Jacky Le needs no introduction. Although modest he is a powerhouse when it comes to his clean insanely difficult trickset. His incredible eye for photography and videography made him a perfect candidate for the Polyform team. As a multifaceted creative he strives to improve on his tricks while working towards filming more videos - both of his own and for his teammates. He is a large contributor of visual media for Polyform. His easygoing personality is an essential part of our team dynamic.

YEJUNE SEO (서예준) - Sponsored Player

Originally from Korea, Yejune relocated to Canada in 2015. His interest in yoyoing started in Korea where he developed his clean modern style of yoyoing. His creativity and sense of yoyo style has been a big asset for the Polyform brand. His knowledge of the Asia yoyo industry helps keep the team updated on the most current trends. Outside of yoyoing, Yejune is talented in producing music & playing instruments.

EVAN CUI (崔一辰) - Sponsored Player

Notable for his insane innovative tricks, Evan helps Polyform push what is possible with modern yoyoing. His preference of unusual yoyo designs helps Polyform develop interesting new product concepts. When not yoyoing, Evan enjoys learning about open source operating systems and hanging out with his cat Meowshroom.