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After more then a year of development, we are releasing this initial batch of the TS3 -  a 6061 body bi-metal. Codenamed internally with the team called the "Triple Step" due to the 3 unique steps on the stainless steel rings. We ran 3 initial prototypes which ran into manufacturing issues. This was solved with different weight distribution and a new ring seat in the 2nd prototype along with a different width. 

The TS3 itself is faster and light compared to other Polyform releases with the team giving feedback on tweaks of the body. The ring proved to be difficult to complete due to the unique construction of how it is pressed in. A matching engraving creates a unique hub feature.

There are only about 10-15 pieces of each yoyo available and this will likely be a single release.

Diameter - 56mm
Width - 45mm
weight - 65.5g

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